We at Habit SG take Personal Training to a whole new level. We have tried and tested the most effective and efficient programs to help our clients achieve their goal(s) through our perfected personal training methods. Our Personal training is not only training, it is coaching with scientific methodology. We will coach you through educating and enhancing your performance through personal training with us. We take pride in our coaching for Personal Training. You give us your 100% and we will give you your GOAL.

Weight Loss

You have been going on different “online diet”, running non-stop on a daily basis and have yet to achieve your ideal weight. We are here to educate you the right and healthiest way to achieve your desired weight through Personal Training. We will coach you till you get that right formula for you achieve your goal!

Muscle Building

You have been reading bodybuilding.com and sampled their training methods but still you have looked the same or have only seen minimal changes. You are confused and have no training plan. That is where we come in for your Personal Training. We will design a plan specifically for you to achieve your desired muscle mass and size. We know RESULT and we know that is no perfect template for everyone, so your training is done specifically for you.

Body Toning

“I do not want to have big muscles and look bulky!” Let us correct that, lifting heavy weights for ladies is not putting on big muscles on yourself, let us get rid of that idea unless you have the testosterone level of male. You want to look healthy and fit while burning those unwanted fats. We are here to help you achieve that, you stick to our plan and we guarantee you result in 4 weeks!

Sports Athlete

You are representing your country. organization, school or your very own sports club. You need that specific planning for your progression to compete with the best athlete in your sport. Our personal training session will first understand your sport then we are ready to design a program not for you to compete with the best but be the BEST in your competition.


Starting again from an injury brings that fear to most individual, the worry of you having that injury again. Your mind will bring you back to that time again when you suffer that injury. We are here to eliminate that through our personal training. Our in-house certified physiotherapist will identify your injury and design your program that is suitable for you. We strive in bringing you back to that stage before injury and way better. We do not only bring back that confidence to you, we work with you to recover from your injury while still strengthening and working on every other muscle group.


You and your group of friends or just you individually have signed up for an obstacle course competition. You know the stations but you do not know how to work on that before the race day. You do not want to be left behind and want to finish the race comfortably or even be the winner. We are here with our personal training session which can be done in a group setting will identify the training needed for you to breeze through the course. We are here to make your training easier.


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Valid for 8 weeks

Free Nutritional Meal Plan

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