Habit SG offers affordable personal training for you to accomplish your own fitness goals. We provide you with that added push and ensure that you stay on track. Speak to us and let us know how we can get you closer to your goals!

Weight Loss

Erase all the guesswork. We set the plan, you put in the work. We believe in a more sustainable approach when it comes to weight loss. We plan your training down to your meal. Give us your 100% and we will do the rest.

Muscle building

Building muscle takes time and consistency. Allow us to guide you through and find out what works best for your body type. In further achieving this goal, we will put you through an assessment. In this way, we will know what we are working with and will translate in providing you with a more accurate training plan.

Athletic Performance

Strength and conditioning has become a vital part in every athlete’s training program. We acknowledge that your sport already taxes your body. Here we supplement with exercises that allow for better movement, power and also pre-rehabilitation. We ensure a sport specific achievement when planning your program to suit your athletic needs.

*Have to sign minimum of 5 sessions