As you should already know, nutrition and fitness comes hand in hand. To perform well, you need to fuel well. At Habit SG, we provide nutritional guidelines for you to follow in conjunction with your fitness goals.

Offering different diet plans to build lean body mass, lose bodyfat and/or improve performance/recovery. Together with your goals and type of training in place, the nutrition aspect is more than just ‘’the icing on the cake’’. The detailed assessment that we have on you will be our tool in planning your nutritional plan in line with fitness goals.

We adopt a very gradual and sustainable approach when it comes to dieting. Habit SG trainers realise that a diet only works until it does not. We do not recommend a crash and burn type diet – instead we focus on moderation and a plan which allows you to still be sociable without depriving yourself of the food you love.

Building Lean Body Mass

If your goal is to work towards having a better physique, toning up by adding lean body mass, our nutritional guidelines will be tailored specifically towards ensuring that you are in a caloric surplus to create the right environment for hypertrophy (muscle growth) to occur. Paired up with the correct training program, our members have made tremendous progress in strength as well as in their posture and physiques.

Losing Body Fat

Gone are the days where everybody just wants to lose weight. We offer a separate nutritional guideline that targets on losing body fat, and keeping the hard earned muscles that you’ve worked for. This can be achieved by eliciting a very gradual caloric deficit together with resistance training. We are not naïve by the fact that this process takes time and consistency, our members who have stuck with it have not only reported that their clothes are a lot looser now but also better self confidence which ultimately leads to a better quality of life.

The key has always been 70% diet and 30% training. We do not want your training to go to waste without you achieving your desired result. Approach us or drop us an EMAIL HERE so as we are able to assist you more accurately.