We run our meticulously planned group classes in small sizes so as we are still able to concentrate on your form and further ensure we are with you in every small step towards achieving your goal!

Strength: Get stronger with us!

The focus of this class is to enforce your body to adapt to progressive overload. We place extra emphasis on form while performing functional movements under heavier loads.

What to expect: Suitable for those looking to get stronger and build lean body mass. This class will test and improve your muscular strength, allowing longer breaks for you to recover but with emphasis on muscle contractions by controlling each repetition with proper form.

Metcon: Push your limits!

Our Metabolic conditioning classes are designed to challenge you. Together, we will guide you to push your bodies at higher intensities for a prolonged period of time. These workouts tax both your muscular strength and cardiovascular system.

What to expect: Heart pumping, and lots of sweat! It will be uncomfortable at times during the class as you push out of your comfort zones. Rest times are shorter to keep the heart rate up. Great for that caloric burn!

Weights Training: Change it up!

Introducing new tools to keep your body guessing and training fun, we incorporate the use of Kettlebells, Bosu, Dumbbells, and Medicine Balls (to name a few). Our coaches will guide you as you learn new techniques and movements with each separate equipment.

What to expect: Suitable to those looking to challenge their bodies in different ways. We coach good habits and technique for you to add variety into your workouts.