We keep our group classes small and compact. It ensures our small group class benefit the session like they are attending a personal training session with us within the limitations that allows it. We place high emphasis on form and technique whilst ensuring the clients progress towards their  GOAL(S). Book your FREE TRIAL class with US!

Habit Strength by Levels (HSTL)

Foundation is always key in ensuring that you are ready to handle those heavyweights. In this class, you can expect to overcome performing exercises and lifting weights that you never thought you could with a structured & progressive program designed by our Head Coach. You will surprise yourself with the amount of strength you have just by attending this class. It may be a Strength class but your safety is our priority!

Habit Circuit Training (HCT)

n Habit Circuit Training, you will be going through various High Intensity Interval programs specially designed by our coaches that is a mixture of anaerobic and aerobic exercises. A cardiovascular exercise strategy that alternates from long to short period of intense recovery depending on the program. You hate the class but you will keep coming back for more when you see the change in your body and especially your lifestyle!

Habit MyZone MetCon

You will huff and you will puff, you are pushing yourself to a zone you have never reached before. Our Metabolic Conditioning class works around high heart rate rapid movement. Combine a high intense workout with short rest time and a heart rate monitor to ensure you don’t go below 80% of your MHR and what do you get? An intense filled, sweaty satisfaction and a boost in your cardiovascular health centered around body weight to light weight circuit training.


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