We keep our group classes small and compact. It ensures our small group class benefit the session like they are attending a personal training session with us within the limitations that allows it. We place high emphasis on form and technique whilst ensuring the clients progress towards their  GOAL(S). Book your FREE TRIAL class with US!

Strength Class

We design our programs around the clients’ goal and progression. You can expect this class to be us pushing you to do weights that you have never done before whilst still ensuring that it is perform in the best technique. You will surprise yourself with the amount of strength you have just by attending this class. It may be a Strength class but your safety is our priority!

Weights Class

There are a lot of training methodologies out there at the moment when it comes to Weights training. We have simplified it in a way to benefit everyone regardless their goal. You work outside your comfort zone and give your 100% in that 45 minutes session. You hate the class but you will keep coming back for more whe you see the change in your body and especially your lifestyle!

Metabolic Conditioning

You will huff and you will puff, you are pushing yourself to a zone you have never reached before. Our Metabolic Conditioning class works around high heart rate rapid movement. The most effective way to stimulate fat burning and at the same time building your cardiovascular capacity. The creativity we place in this class makes you feel the session was just a passing breeze. A class where you can literally let off some steam.


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Fixed number of classes

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