At Habit SG, we provide you with the right environment and extrinsic motivation for you to work towards your fitness goals. We offer affordable cheap Personal Training and small personalized group classes in 4 different categories. We keep our group classes small to allow for a more personalized approach and attention towards each individual.

Why Habit?

So you have finally decided that enough is enough, time to take charge of your own health and fitness! It’s time you dedicate some minutes to the gym – but which? With a wide range of gyms available offering different services and types of training, here are even more reasons to start your fitness journey with us!

We Keep Things Simple

We believe in perfecting and progressing with ‘’basic’’ movements that offers the most benefits and stimulus minus the risk of avoidable injuries! We stick to a progressive training principle that works for all fitness levels.

We Educate and Encourage Learning

Any diet can help you lose weight. Any trainer can get you sweating – just do 100 burpees. At Habit SG, we instead choose to emphasize the importance of understanding what you are doing and how you can/should benefit from doing them. We won’t just get you to perform a set of movements, we explain the reasons why and how you can optimize them in your workout.

FFF Environment

Fun, Friendly, Family environment. Our members at Habit SG comes from different backgrounds and varying fitness levels. At the end of the day, we are all (trainers and members) in the gym with a common goal in mind, to work towards a better version of ourselves. You will also find others, who soon turn to friends, to help each other along through this journey!

We celebrate the small victories

Our trainers at Habit SG understand that it is not easy to commit two to three times a week, showing up to the gym, eat better, push for that last few reps. Fitness is a never ending journey, often times we look to how far we have to go, and less of how far we have come. Progress is progress no matter how small it is. We take pride in guiding you to be better than you were yesterday.

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